Arriva Rail North

Northern Electric 319 Fleet

  • 20 x 4 car sets.
  • Upgraded and supplied by TrainFX as per the Govia Thameslink Railway as Porterbrook program included all Class 319 across multiple operators.
  • Northern contracted us to provide additional cab controllers to the intermediate carriages to enable guards to make announcements also. Therefore 4 controllers instead of the normal 2.

Northern Diesel 150 & 156 Fleet

  • 7 x 2 car sets supplied to date with the entire fleet programmed in for installation. Angel owned units. Program started mid-2015.
  • Both fleets have LED technology.
  • Both fleets entail all the above TrainFX PIS components with the exception of Passenger Counting and Passenger Emergency Alarms.
  • Operates on 24 Volt supplies using powerline communications integrating within existing train wiring. Integration to the door arm relays for signal input to the PIS.